Are you a data engineer or a data flow engineer?

16 Jan 2016

I've been hearing other programmers' interview questions and often wonder, why do they care so much about algorithms and data structures?

Then it hit me: there are data engineers (backend) and data flow engineers (frontend). I'm concerned with how data is presented in UI and performance, others in how data is stored for performance and persistence.

I'm going to start focusing on 'data flow' questions in interviews: how to build a page, how to make a page faster, how to move data in and out of the page.

An interview question comes to mind: given our event page and it's technical stack, how would you make this page load faster? How would you make it better for the user and/or to sell more product?

Another interview question: given our product page, how would you make navigation to other pages faster?

Categories: programming,interviewing