Node.js and React Progress

13 Feb 2017

Over the last few weeks I've completed some small programming exercies. The latest was a simple string deduplicator with the intention of solidifying some concepts and libraries:

  • React with Redux (and Thunk Middleware) to manage state and data flow
  • Mocha with Chai assertions
  • Babel in conjuction with Mocha
  • webpack bundling
  • cli usage of babel'fied scripts

The ecosystem of module bundling and ES6 transpiling is messier than "all-in-one" packages like Rails but shoutout to Babel's setup instructions for making the Mocha and webpack integrations smooth.

Remaining work includes, but not limited to, production packaging, some sort of modern deployment strategy (Docker, Capistrano?), building und/redo in Redux, and modularizing CSS.

Side-note: the Strawberries 'n Cream black tea from Perennial Tea Room has become my go-to afternoon tea.

Categories: programming